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My name is Nika Maples, and I created The Keep Going Workshop for you.

Every year, I dedicate the upcoming year to the Lord and follow five steps to get ready, renewed, and refreshed. This annual tradition has made a huge difference in my life, and I want that blessing for you too. Will you spend the day seeking God's best for your life at The Keep Going Workshop? I'm headed toward more peace, purpose, and productivity, and I'm inviting you to come with me.

I want to join you!

The year 2020 has put a strain on our minds and hearts. But The Keep Going Workshop is a way to get ready, refreshed, and renewed so you can engage 2021 at your best.


  • The Keep Going Workshop is for you if: You want to restore your connection with family, friends, or reconnect with your own heart.
  • The Keep Going Workshop is for you if: You need new hope and refreshed vision so that you can carry out your calling.
  • The Keep Going Workshop is for you if: You don't know what to do about the big decisions on your mind, and confusion has your head spinning like the rainbow wheel on a Mac screen.
  • The Keep Going Workshop is for you if: You tend to be hard on yourself, and your thoughts are fueled by shame and guilt rather than hope and promises.
  • The Keep Going Workshop is for you if: You set New Year's Resolutions in January and forget about them in March.
  • The Keep Going Workshop is for you if: Your goals this year looked a whole lot like last year's goals, which looked a whole lot like the year before that ...
  • The Keep Going Workshop is for you if: You spend more time regretting past mistakes than feeling joy about your future.
  • Most of all, it is for you if: You just really want to know what God would have you do with your life so you can stop wondering and go do it. 

Peace, purpose, and productivity is well within your reach.

I can show you how to access what you long for. In fact, I LOVE teaching people the principles that have set me free. There is no one these five steps will not work for! They will work for you. Trust me, I guide people through this process every day.

Let me coach you to stop regretting and start enjoying renewed enthusiasm for the future. God can redeem anything in your life and use it for good ... even the events of 2020. Even the pain of your past. 

What if all of the areas that matter most: your home, your health, your finances, your relationships, and your skill (talents or career) were peaceful, purposeful, and productive? What would that look like?

It can happen if you set aside a day to create a Spirit-led goals, shared in a community, bathed in prayer, and made up of my five clear steps. In fact, it is so doable, it seems like a dream.

By the end of this incredible, one-day workshop, you'll have five takeaways:

  1. You will stop the cycle of self-blame and negative self-talk forever.

  2. You will conquer what you fear most. (Hint: It's something you would never guess).

  3. You will know God's specific direction for your life.

  4. You will align with God's will so you can unleash His blessings.

  5. You will create an action plan for 2021 so that you always know the next steps and never spend a day feeling lost or confused.


Sound amazing?

Yeah, I think so too.

So let's do it.

I want s ticket because I need this!

Here's a glimpse of what you'll experience:

As we begin 2021, we can either worry or worship. Let's choose worship.

David Mwonga, a leader from the worship team at Gateway Church, will be joining us again this year. With humility and a voice that sounds like heaven, David will help us start our goal-setting day by welcoming the Guest of Honor, King Jesus.

Goal #1: Your Home

What if your home were delightful and filled with peace? What if you felt confident when being hospitable, and you had the readiness to extend an invitation to anyone God has put on your heart? Stephanie "Honey" Holden, a pastor's wife, lovely hostess, and heartfelt celebrator, will share insights for making your home a dwelling place that honors the One who has chosen to dwell within you.

Goal #2: Your Health

What if your physical health were productive and joyful? What if your clothes fit comfortably, and you had the energy to pursue everything God has put on your heart? Jessica Hottle, a fitness and faith coach, will share strategies for aligning your body with the design of the One who created it.

Goal #3: Your Finances

What if your finances had margin and brought you feelings of peace? What if generosity were a way of life, and you had the resources to pursue everything God has put on your heart? Nika Maples, a Dave Ramsey-certified life coach, will share wisdom for stewarding money to increase your fruitfulness.

Goal #4: Your Relationships

What if your relationships were consistently grounded in purpose and true connection? What if your relationship with yourself involved "self-talk" that was marked by words of life? What if you had the support to pursue everything God has put on your heart? Colleen Blake-Miller, a licensed professional counselor and registered psychotherapist, will share strategies for developing and improving your community.

Goal #5: Your Skill

What if your calling-- whether in ministry, home, or the marketplace-- were characterized by power and godly influence? What if you knew how to partner with the Holy Spirit to advance the Kingdom through your talents and gifts? What if you had the confidence to create everything God has put on your heart? Shae Bynes, the Founder and Chief Fire Igniter at Kingdom-Driven Entrepreneur, will offer direction for designing Spirit-led goals.

Here's a look back at the January 2020 Workshop:


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  • Gorgeous goal-setting workbook sent to your door
  • Weekly Texted Encouragements for One Year
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