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My name is Nika Maples, and Keep Going Scouts is my online mentoring community that provides weekly trainings and Christ-centered coaching sessions for women who are pursuing Kingdom-focused wellness. Getting healthy will help you develop a God-confident mindset. 

This community is saturated in scripture and designed to increase your peace, purpose, and productivity. 

I'm ready!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, or behind?

The Barna Group collected data in the spring of 2020 that revealed many church pastors feel the same way. And if pastors are feeling it, then the people they are shepherding are probably following close behind:

"Recent data from Barna’s weekly pastor panel check ins show that even though over half of pastors (55%) admit to having felt primarily happy within the last week, another half (51%) admits they were tired, and two in five say they primarily felt sad (41%) or panicked (39%). Over half of church leaders (52%) admit to having felt lonely within the last month and a larger percent (68%) say they have felt overwhelmed."

I can help. 

Five years ago, my life was missing something. I was living for Jesus in every way I knew how: reading my Bible and praying, staying active in church ... but I still struggled with frustration and hurt feelings. I was always overthinking the past and worried about the future.

So I sought guidance from Christian mentors who taught me I didn't have to stay overwhelmed, confused, and behind. There are ways to access the PEACE, PURPOSE, and PRODUCTIVITY that Jesus won for me. 

Now I want to share what I have learned with you in the Scouts community. Are you ready?

Count Me In!

Here's what mentoring looks like inside Scouts:

Faith & Feelings

What if your emotional health were characterized by deep peace no matter what other people said and did? 

New trainings and group coaching sessions from Nika Maples go live the first week of every month. 

Faith & Fitness

What if your physical health were productive and joyful? What if you had the energy to pursue everything God has put on your heart? 

New home workout sessions with fitness coaches and faith mentors go live every Monday.

Faith & Focus

What if your mental health were consistently grounded in purpose and your "self-talk" was marked by words of life?

Life lessons from hand-picked faith mentors endorsed by Nika Maples go live the second and third week of every month. 

Faith & Fullness

What if your overall wellness represented the abundant life Jesus promised? 

Meet together in a Zoom Meeting to pray with other Scouts the fourth week of every month. We call it the Prayer Room.

*All trainings and coaching sessions are recorded, so you can access them anytime.

The videos are available in your members area. The audio is available through our private podcast. 

You will ALSO receive a Scout Kit containing the Keep Going Journal delivered straight to your doorstep every quarter!

The Keep Going Journal is a quarterly publication with articles and prompts in five areas of wellness: home, health, finance, relationship, & skill. It also includes a suggested worship playlist, and a Bible-reading plan! 

This feature is only available to members living in the United States. 

Are you ready?
Coaching, Community, Count me in!

So, what is a Keep Going Scout?

When the Israelites approached Canaan, Moses sent 12 scouts to bring back a report about the land they were about to enter. The 12 scouts saw massive giants and massive fruit. At the end of their 40-day expedition, 10 scouts encouraged the Israelites to retreat. They had focused on the giants. But 2 scouts encouraged the Israelites to keep going. They had focused on the fruit.

I believe we can learn to make little daily choices that will improve our overall health and help us keep going toward the Promised Land, too.

The giants aren't going away, my friends. But we can focus on the fruit.

Perhaps the sweetest part of being a Scout is the faith-filled community of women who walk in courage and pursue promises together.

We will speak life over each other, blessing one another with prophetic words of encouragement every step of the way. You will grow stronger and more confident as you become who you are designed to be.

It won't be the same without you.

The doors only open twice a year. Today's open invitation will close on January 15, 2021.









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